Boss-WoW is has been revamped and is now ready to be played.


You will go through and level to 60 as you would in Classic WoW, but the twist is you will be able to level anywhere with no faction restriction.


If you are an orc and want to level in Darnassus you can do that.


There has also been a change to heirlooms.


You can now get them with exploration emblems which you will find in all the chests in Azeroth.


All reagent costs have been removed from spells.


You will be able to fly when you ding level 60 in Azeroth.


Dungeons are now groupable to 10 players unless you use the Dungeon Finder tool then it is still the same 5 player cap.


So grab the patches and jump in on the action. I may have forgot a thing or two, but I am sure you will find everything I missed to tell you about in time.


Thanks and have a blessed day!